Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yearly Dues

Greetings MOKAN Branch clansfolk,

Hope this email finds all of you in good health as we start this New Year. 2009 will no doubt present challenges as well as achievements for our group.

The first item I want to discuss is our games schedule for this year. Our first appearance will be at the Tartan Day Festival, in St. Charles, MO, on April 4; followed by the Highland Games in Warrensburg, MO on April 25, at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Our third appearance will be the K. C. Highland Games at Riverfront Park, June 13-14. Last, but not least, is the SW MO Celtic Heritage Festival in Buffalo, MO, September 12-13. Unfortunately, the St. Louis Highland Games have been suspended indefinitely. This has been a severe blow to our membership efforts in that area.

To date we have only three families that have paid membership dues for 2009. Dues are payable on January 1 of each year. Our treasury is nearly depleted from expenses related to last year’s games and branch activities. Regrettably, if more dues are not forthcoming, this will be the last year for the MOKAN Branch. We will not have enough revenue to pay for the tent spaces, postage, and related expenses to maintain our attendance and requirements for continued branch status.

To those loyal members who have paid dues I say, “Thank you”. To those who have volunteered and helped set up and tear down during sometimes threatening and arduous conditions, “God bless you.” To the rest who could not assist, we know how difficult it is to work time in to your busy lives. Each and every one of you has helped us in our struggle from infancy to full fledged branch status. Our MOKAN group stands uniquely alone among our fellow North American branches and chapters. We are quite a diversified membership with many talents, of various age ranges, united in our Cameron heritage.

If you have not paid your $15 or $20, do so immediately. You may send your payments to me or to Allan Cameron. We ask for your continue support for our efforts on behalf of the MOKAN branch. Don’t count us out yet…LET US UNITE!

Contact me by email or phone any time. I want your thoughts on this grave situation.


Dale Cameron, President

(660) 258-4441 (home)

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