Friday, February 6, 2009

Commissioner's Quarterly

Greetings, Clan Cameron!! Attached you will find the Winter 2009 edition of the Commissioner's Quarterly. As usual, I ask that you give it a prominent position in your newsletter, please do not edit it, and try to keep it all on the same page in your newsletter. Let me know if you have trouble opening the file.

Earlier this week, our Commissioner sent out an e-mail note concerning tickets for the Gathering and an update on the Oak Grove. If you did not receive that and would like to have it for your newsletter, please let me know and I will send it on to you.

Those of you who require a Word document will be receiving another e-mail with that attachment.

Keep watching for photo moments, Camerons! Something about Camerons and Cameron get-togethers that you can send to me for magazine submission would be wonderful! If you do send something, please write a brief note to let me know who is in the photo, where and what it is, etc.

And lastly, don't forget to go online to the electronic branch we so lovingly call "our website" ~! Check out information there about the Gathering, as well as a message board where you may post notes to other Camerons in North America and around the world.

Hope your New Year started off well and that everyone remembers to celebrate a Burns Dinner, even if you have to do it at home with canned haggis!


Anna Seden, Public Relations for Clan Cameron North America.

Commissioner's Quarterly - Winter 2009

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  1. My son recently joined the clan at the Tartan Festival in St. Charles,MO. are there any events/festivals coming up. Is there an events calender some one could e-mail me. Thanks, Naomi