Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clan Cameron - President Emeritus - South Central U.S. Region

Dear Clansfolk,

I am pleased to announce that today Lochiel confirmed the following:

"Be It Known: In recognition of her years of service for the Clan Cameron Association in the Eastern, Southern and South-Central U.S. regions of the United States, it is our great pleasure and privilege to afford Cerise Cameron Blair the distinction: President Emeritus - Clan Cameron South-Central U.S. Region. Given this 18th day of February, 2009. (Signed Thomas A. Cameron, North American Commissioner)"

Please join me in congratulating Cerise on this well deserved distinction.

Thomas A. Cameron

Friday, February 6, 2009

Commissioner's Quarterly

Greetings, Clan Cameron!! Attached you will find the Winter 2009 edition of the Commissioner's Quarterly. As usual, I ask that you give it a prominent position in your newsletter, please do not edit it, and try to keep it all on the same page in your newsletter. Let me know if you have trouble opening the file.

Earlier this week, our Commissioner sent out an e-mail note concerning tickets for the Gathering and an update on the Oak Grove. If you did not receive that and would like to have it for your newsletter, please let me know and I will send it on to you.

Those of you who require a Word document will be receiving another e-mail with that attachment.

Keep watching for photo moments, Camerons! Something about Camerons and Cameron get-togethers that you can send to me for magazine submission would be wonderful! If you do send something, please write a brief note to let me know who is in the photo, where and what it is, etc.

And lastly, don't forget to go online to the electronic branch we so lovingly call "our website" ~! Check out information there about the Gathering, as well as a message board where you may post notes to other Camerons in North America and around the world.

Hope your New Year started off well and that everyone remembers to celebrate a Burns Dinner, even if you have to do it at home with canned haggis!


Anna Seden, Public Relations for Clan Cameron North America.

Commissioner's Quarterly - Winter 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update - Clan Cameron Oak Grove & Gathering Tickets

Greetings Clansfolk,

I hope that you're all doing well, and that your chapter or branch is preparing for a fantastic year out at the games and festivals. It's an exciting year, as you know, with much going on. We will keep you updated as much as possible, and also encourage you to check the website and message center for updates.

Last night the Scotland Branch notified us that they have resolved the issue of donating funds for the Cameron Clansfolk Oak Grove via the Internet. They are now utilizing a service named Ticketweb, and the details are now up on their website: As you may have heard, the plans are for ground to be broken on the grove this month (grading, soil preparation, excavation...early "prep work"). Any clansfolk (and chapters or branches desiring to plant an oak in honor of their membership) who are definite about donating might consider doing so at their earliest opportunity. At last check, a total of 11 trees had already been spoken for, out of a planned 30. We may be able to "up" plans to 50 trees (they are harder to come by than one might think) but at the moment it's only a total of 30 of these impressive oak trees.

Those planning to attend the Gathering will also, now, be able to purchase their admission tickets via the Scotland Branch, at:

I'll close, but not before encouraging you all to check the website early next week - we have some wonderful changes coming for clansfolk, celebrating the Year of the Cameron Gathering.

Yours Aye,


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yearly Dues

Greetings MOKAN Branch clansfolk,

Hope this email finds all of you in good health as we start this New Year. 2009 will no doubt present challenges as well as achievements for our group.

The first item I want to discuss is our games schedule for this year. Our first appearance will be at the Tartan Day Festival, in St. Charles, MO, on April 4; followed by the Highland Games in Warrensburg, MO on April 25, at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Our third appearance will be the K. C. Highland Games at Riverfront Park, June 13-14. Last, but not least, is the SW MO Celtic Heritage Festival in Buffalo, MO, September 12-13. Unfortunately, the St. Louis Highland Games have been suspended indefinitely. This has been a severe blow to our membership efforts in that area.

To date we have only three families that have paid membership dues for 2009. Dues are payable on January 1 of each year. Our treasury is nearly depleted from expenses related to last year’s games and branch activities. Regrettably, if more dues are not forthcoming, this will be the last year for the MOKAN Branch. We will not have enough revenue to pay for the tent spaces, postage, and related expenses to maintain our attendance and requirements for continued branch status.

To those loyal members who have paid dues I say, “Thank you”. To those who have volunteered and helped set up and tear down during sometimes threatening and arduous conditions, “God bless you.” To the rest who could not assist, we know how difficult it is to work time in to your busy lives. Each and every one of you has helped us in our struggle from infancy to full fledged branch status. Our MOKAN group stands uniquely alone among our fellow North American branches and chapters. We are quite a diversified membership with many talents, of various age ranges, united in our Cameron heritage.

If you have not paid your $15 or $20, do so immediately. You may send your payments to me or to Allan Cameron. We ask for your continue support for our efforts on behalf of the MOKAN branch. Don’t count us out yet…LET US UNITE!

Contact me by email or phone any time. I want your thoughts on this grave situation.


Dale Cameron, President

(660) 258-4441 (home)